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Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board (VHPB) - European Union for School and University Health and Medicine (EUSUHM) Meeting

Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 15-16, 2007

- Meeting Programme -

Prevention and control of viral hepatitis through adolescent health programmes in Europe.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Session 1 Opening and objectives

Chair: Karel Hoppenbrouwers – Pierre Van Damme


Session 2 Factors influencing success of adolescent vaccination programs

Chair: Karel Hoppenbrouwers – Pierre Van Damme

09.30- 10.10
Gaps in knowledge on adolescent health 556 Kb (.pdf)
Ueli Bühlmann

10.10- 10.40
Adolescent vaccination, WHO 461 Kb (.pdf)
Craig Shapiro

Coffee break

Session 3 Factors influencing success of hepatitis B vaccination in adolescent programs

Chair: Wolfgang Jilg – John Ward

Issues in implementing Hepatitis B vaccination and adolescents 310 Kb (.pdf)
Susan Rosenthal

Vaccination at school: future challenges 317 Kb (.pdf)
Claire Cameron


Session 4 Adolescent health programmes and its contribution to the success of vaccination: Country presentations

Chair: Alenka Kraigher - Françoise Roudot Thoraval

Belgium 90 Kb (.pdf)
Karel Hoppenbrouwers

Croatia 386 Kb (.pdf)
Marina Kuzman

Finland 167 Kb (.pdf) 
Kaarina Jarvenpaa

France 88 Kb (.pdf)
Nicole Guerin, Françoise Roudot-Thoraval

Germany 215 Kb (.pdf)
Mathias Pulz

Greece 56 Kb (.pdf)
Vassiliki Papaevangelou

Hungary 61 Kb (.pdf)
Tamas Simon

Italy 95 Kb (.pdf)
Paolo Bonanni

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 603 Kb (.pdf)
Mimi Karovska

Netherlands 656 Kb (.pdf)
Rudy J.F. Burgmeijer

Norway 68 Kb (.pdf)
Hanne Nokleby

Slovenia 239 Kb (.pdf)
Mojca Juricic

Switzerland 445 Kb (.pdf)
Susanne Stronski Huwiler

Turkey 64 Kb (.pdf)
Selim Badur

UK 179 Kb (.pdf)
Roger Harrington

US 507 Kb (.pdf)
John Ward


Friday, March 16, 2007

Session 5 Surveys on behavioural issues

Chair: André Meheus – Claire Cameron
Adolescents and vaccination: knowledge and perception in five European countries 865 Kb (.pdf)
Luc Hessel

My generation: mothers’ concerns about vaccination  (soon available)
Norbert De Clercq

Session 6 A  Parallel break-out session group I  

Chairs/Rapporteurs: Paolo Bonanni – Mark Kane 

Countries : Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia, Slovenia, US
Topic: Identification of the weaknesses, limitations and thresholds of the respective adolescent immunization programmes and systems.

Session 6 B  Parallel break-out session group II
Chairs/Rapporteurs: Harold Margolis – Alessandro Zanetti 

Countries : Belgium, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, UK
Topic: Position of the adolescent vis-à-vis the existing systems

Coffee break

Session 7 Feedback breakout sessions

Chair: Claire Cameron – André Meheus

Strengts, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Treaths of mandoatory systems and schoolbased systems
Paolo Bonanni – Mark Kane

Parental Consent (age)
Harold Margolis – Alessandro Zanetti


Session 8 Conclusions and Closing

Chair: Craig Shapiro – Daniel Shouval

Preliminary meeting conclusions 67 Kb (.pdf)
David FitzSimons

Close of the meeting