Updating cycle and review of the website.
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The VHPB organizes at least two meetings every year. After each meeting a new meeting page is created on the website linking to the background document and the presentations of the meeting (as pdf documents). 

The background document is drafted by the secretariat and undergoes an internal review; based on possible feedback and comments received during the meeting this document may be updated before posting it on the website after the meeting took place.

Speakers at a VHPB meeting are asked permission to make their presentation available on the VHPB website. Speakers may decline this offer, make minor changes on the online version, or may remove a number of slides containing confidential information. The VHPB secretariat respects the final version of these presentations and does not alter the content of these presentations.

Following each meeting also a Viral Hepatitis issue is published by the VHPB. These issues can be downloaded from the VHPB website (in PDF format). All sections of a Viral Hepatitis issue that correspond to a presentation at the VHPB meeting are drafted by the editors of Viral Hepatitis. These draft versions are submitted to each speaker for review and approval, prior to publication. Speakers are informed that not responding to the editorial request within the proposed deadline for review implies tacit consent for publication. Following the review process, all texts are subject to editorial amendment according to the Viral Hepatitis house style. Each Viral Hepatitis issue has on its last page a colophon where further editorial details are available.

New website updates are always announced at the home/news page of the VHPB website, a direct link is also provided.

All reasonable precautions have been taken by the VHPB to verify the information contained on this website. However, the material is made available without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. The responsibility for the interpretation and use of the material available on this website lies with the website visitor. In no event shall the VHPB be liable for damages arising from visiting this website or from using information made available on it.


This review cycle was posted on 22 January 2009.