Consensus statements on universal hepatitis B vaccination programmes. (March 1996)

Source : Viral Hepatitis vol 4.2 (see publications)

  • The VHPB supports the 1991 WHO target of implementing universal hepatitis B prevention programmes in all countries by 1997.
  • Hepatitis B vaccination should be integrated into existing national programmes (where they exist) for the immunisation of infants and adolescents.
  • Strategies aimed at vaccinating and changing behaviour in high-risk groups must continue.
  • The universal screening for HBV makers in pregnant women should be encouraged, taking into account country-specific economic status technical infrastructure. Where effective maternal screening does not exist, resources may be better directed towards a universal vaccination programme.
  • The hepatitis B prevention programmes must be carefully monitored and evaluated. Updates need to be available at regular intervals.
  • The VHPB recognises the importance of raising the awareness of health care providers, policy makers and the general public about the dangers of hepatitis B as a community health risk. The board aim to reduce iatrogenic transmission through education and training.