2020 reference board members

2020 - Reference list of hepatitis publications of the VHPB board members

Launch of the Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination: a recommendation of the Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology Commission.

Ward JW, Wiktor SZ, Cooke GS.

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Long-term safety and efficacy results in hepatitis C virus genotype 1-infected patients receiving ombitasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir + dasabuvir ± ribavirin in the TOPAZ-I and TOPAZ-II trials.

Poordad F, Castro RE, Asatryan A, Aguilar H, Cacoub P, Dieterich D, Marinho RT, Carvalho A, Siddique A, Hu YB, Charafeddine M, Bondin M, Khan N, Cohen DE, Felizarta F.

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Hepatitis B core-specific memory B cell responses associate with clinical parameters in patients with chronic HBV.

Vanwolleghem T, Groothuismink ZMA, Kreefft K, Hung M, Novikov N, Boonstra A.

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Nivolumab and anti-HCV activity, a case report.

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Significant decrease in the prevalence of hepatitis C infection after the introduction of direct acting antivirals.

Rodríguez-Tajes S, Domínguez A, Carrión JA, Buti M, Quer JC, Morillas RM, López C, Torras X, Baliellas C, Vergara M, Forner M, Zaragoza N, Salò J, Rigau J, Caballeria Ll, Mariño Z, Jané M, Colom J, Forns X, Lens S.

Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2020; in press

Can hepatitis A outbreaks in men who have sex with men be controlled?

Domínguez A, Forns X.

Revista Clínica Española 2020; in press

Book Chapter: Ward JW, Hinman AR, Alter HJ. Time for the elimination of hepatitis C virus as a global health threat.

In Arias IM, Wolkoff AW, Boyer JL, Shafritz DA, Fausto N, Alter HJ, Cohen DE eds. The Liver: Biology and  Pathobiology. 6th edition, West Sussex UK, John Wiley and sons Ltd. 2020.