The World Hepatitis Summit has launched a Call for Submissions inviting individuals, groups and organisations to outline their original contributions (including scientific, social and community research, programmes, products and policies) and how these have, or may have, the potential to contribute to the response to viral hepatitis in their nation, region, or community. Presenting authors of successful submissions will be invited to present their work at the World Hepatitis Summit 2017.

The purpose of the call for submissions is to identify and promote original contributions in the field of hepatitis with a broad public health focus that align with the Strategic Directions in the Global Health Sector Strategy on Viral Hepatitis 2016-2021. The Strategic Directions that are the focus of this call for submissions are:

Strategic direction 2: Interventions for impact Defining essential, high-impact interventions along the continuum of hepatitis services to reach country and global targets, and which should be included in national health benefit packages.

Strategic direction 3: Delivering for equity Strengthening health and community systems to deliver high-quality services to different populations and in different populations, so as to achieve equity, maximize impact and ensure quality.

Strategic direction 5: Innovation for acceleration Promoting and embracing innovation to drive rapid progress where there are major gaps in knowledge and technologies, recognizing the need for innovation to shift the trajectory of viral hepatitis responses in order for the 2020 and 2030 targets to be achieved.

Further information s available on the website of the summit.