Pediatric Vaccines and Vaccinations. A European Textbook (Vesikari, Timo, Van Damme, Pierre (Eds.))

Parents and the public in general actively seek information about vaccines on the internet. Unfortunately, much of the most prominent and accessible information flow is alarmingly negative and critical about vaccination. Against this background it is particularly important that European students and practitioners of medicine and other healthcare professionals become better taught and are provided with accurate, accessible and up to date information about vaccines and their use.
This book aims to provide just such essential information on the current vaccines that are used in childhood immunizations programs in Europe and the principles which underlie them. The book is written by leading European experts on the topics that they know best. This ensures that the subject matter is covered comprehensively even though the text is compact. We believe that we have been able to produce a book that is both readable and thorough. We hope the textbook will find a readership not only among “vaccinologists” but also among European and other pediatricians and practitioners who deal with vaccines and vaccinations. We also hope that the book will be used in the curriculum.