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Long-term Protection After Hepatitis B Vaccine
van Damme P
J Infect Dis. 2016, doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiv750
Prevalence of HBV and HCV among outpatients in the plovdiv region of Bulgaria,2010-2011
Kevorkyan A1, Teoharov P, Lernout T, Petrova N, Raycheva R, Ivanov I, van Damme P, Kojouharova M.
J Med Virol 2015,87: 401-406
A cohesive European policy for hepatitis B vaccination, are we there yet?

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Towards a hepatitis-free Europe: how to make it feasible and affordable
Newsletter 1/2016 - June/2015  London, United Kingdom 725 kB (.pdf)
Burden and prevention of viral hepatitis in Arctic region
Vol. 21.1 - Mar/2012  Copenhagen, Denmark 808 kB (.pdf)
Hepatitis B vaccination: a completed schedule...enough to control HBV lifelong?
Vol. 20.2 - Nov/2011  Milan, Italy 1,055 kB (.pdf)

News - Hepatitis C Elimination Manifesto

Hepatitis C Elimination Manifesto

The ‘Hepatitis C Elimination Manifesto’ was presented at the first EU HCV Policy Summit, organised by the Hepatitis B and C Public Policy Association, and supported by the main European patient and clinician groups. In the ‘Hepatitis C Elimination Manifesto’, 'Europe’s leading experts, medical specialists and patient advocacy groups on hepatitis announced their intention to work towards the elimination of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) in Europe by 2030.


News - ELPA launches Hepatitis B and C - An Action Plan for Saving Lives in Europe

Hepatitis B and C - An Action Plan for Saving Lives in Europe

Over the past four decades, we have seen a significant increase in people across Europe being affected by hepatitis B and C; both serious, asymptomatic, infectious diseases that kill around 120,000 people in Europe every year.1 In response to this, a large body of work has been produced over the past three years, giving information and recommendations on how to address the burden of the disease.