Long term HBV vaccination and treatment (Technical meeting, March 2022)

Long term HBV vaccination and treatment

PART I – Vaccination

  • Long-term protection of hepatitis B vaccination
  • Provide information and data from recent and/or ongoing follow-up studies
  • Long-term impact of hepatitis B vaccination strategies including success stories
  • Discuss impact of growing vaccine hesitancy on long-term vaccination coverage
  • Discuss long term hepatitis B vaccination in relation to the WHO elimination goals

PART II – Treatment

  • Discuss long-term outcomes of (new) hepatitis B treatment
  • Discuss treatment discontinuation

Background document


Tuesday 29 March 2022: Part I – Long term HBV vaccination

Chairs: Pierre Van Damme & Sema Mandal


16:00-16:20    Welcome and opening of the meeting

Greet Hendrickx


SESSION 1.1: Long-term protection of hepatitis B vaccination

16:20-16:40    Evidence based information on long-time protection – long term follow up studies

Protection and Antibody Levels 35 Years after Primary Series with Hepatitis B Vaccine and Response to a Booster Dose

Michael G Bruce

16:40-17:00    Memory immunity

Serum HBsAg clearance has minimal impact on CD8+ T cell responses in mouse models of HBV infection – practical implications for public health

Valeria Fumagalli


SESSION 1.2: Need for a booster

17:00-17:20    Response to the hepatitis B vaccine and influence of sex, age of vaccination and time from the third dose. Meaning of the antibody value below 10 IU/L.

Andrea Trevisan


BREAK 17:20-17:30


Chairs: Paolo Bonanni & Paige Armstrong

SESSION 1.3: Long-term impact of HBV vaccination, including success stories

17:30-17:50    Impact of more than 25 year of hepatitis B vaccination in Europe

Liudmila Mosina


SESSION 1.4: Threats for impact of HBV vaccination programs

17:50-18:10    Growing vaccine hesitancy on long-term vaccination coverage

Jeffrey Lazarus

18:10-19:20    Groups Discussion

19:20-19:30    Conclusions of the day


Wednesday 30 March 2022: Part I – Long term HBV treatment

Chairs: Mojca Maticic & Rui Tato Marinho


16:00-16:20    Short resume Day 1

David Fitzsimons (Rapporteur)


SESSION 2.1: Long-term treatment outcome hepatitis B

16:20-16:40    Overview of clinical management of hepatitis B and long-term outcome

Clinical management of chronic hepatitis B: A concise overview.

Thomas Vanwolleghem

16:40-17:00    Consensus document of the Spanish Association for Study of the Liver on the treatment of hepatitis B virus infection (2020).

Maria Buti

SESSION 2.2: Discontinuation of hepatitis B treatment

17:00-17:20    Treatment discontinuation: Asian perspective

Rachel Jeng

17:20-17:40    Risks and Benefits of Discontinuation of Nucleos(t)ide Analogue Treatment: A Treatment Concept for Patients With HBeAg-Negative Chronic Hepatitis B.

Florian van Bömmel

17:40-18:00    Off-Therapy Response After Nucleos(t)ide Analogue Withdrawal in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis B: An International, Multicenter, Multiethnic Cohort (RETRACT-B Study).

Hirode G, Choi HSJ, Chen CH, Su TH, Seto WK, Van Hees S, Papatheodoridi M, Lens S, Wong G, Brakenhoff SM, Chien RN, Feld J, Sonneveld M, Chan HLY, Forns X, Papatheodoridis GV, Vanwolleghem T, Yuen MF, Hsu YC, Kao JH, Cornberg M, Hansen BE, Jeng, Wj, Janssen HLA and Group R-BS

  1. Gastroenterology.


BREAK 18:00-18:20


SESSION 2.3: Panel discussion & closing

Chair: Thomas Vanwolleghem

18:20-19:20    Panel Discussion

The future of hepatitis B treatment – stop or go?

Panel speakers: Maria Buti / Rachel Jeng / Florian van Bömmel

19:20-19:30    Conclusions and closing of the meeting


Meeting Report (394 kB)

David FitzSimons