Honorary members

The VHPB wants to express its gratitude to the following core members/advisers who have since many years been very active and supportive to the VHPB, and who were committed to help the VHPB reach its objectives, by utilising their influential positions in national and international organisations and/or sharing their outstanding expertise for the benefit of the VHPB. These honorary members are elected for a lifelong term and will be invited to VHPB meetings on an ad hoc basis.

Prof. dr. Selim Badur
Former professor

University of Istanbul
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Hans Blystad
Deputy director
Department of Tuberculosis, Blood Borne Inf. And STIs
Norwegian Institute of Public Health

 POBox 4404 Nydalen,

NO-0403 Oslo


Dr. Claire Cameron
Strategic Lead, Vaccine Preventable Diseases
HNHS National Services Scotland, Health Protection Scotland

Health Protection Scotland
4th Floor
Meridian Court, 5
Glasgow G2 6QE
UK, Scotland

Prof. dr. Pietro Crovari
Department of Health Sciences - University of Genova

Via Pastore, 1
16132 Genova

Prof. dr. Alain Goudeau
Bacteriology, Virology and Hygiene - Universitaire Bretonneau

Boulevard Tonnellé, 2
37044 Tours Cedex

Prof. dr. Peter Grob

Dorfstrasse, 84
8126 Zumikon

Dr. Nicole Guérin
conseiller en vaccinologie - Infovac

rue du Colonel Fabien 22,
PAV 6,
92160 Antony

Prof. dr. med. Wolfgang Jilg
Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Hygiene

Universität Regensburg

Franz-Josef-Strauß-Allee 11

93053 Regensburg


Dr. Mark Kane

WA 98040 Mercer Island

Dr. Daniel Lavanchy

Ruelle des Chataigniers, 1
1026 Denges

Dr. Harold Margolis 
Centres for disease Control and Prevention - Chief, Dengue Branch

1324 Calle Cañada
San Juan
Puerto Rico USA 00911

Dr. Eric Mast
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Hepatitis Branch

Clifton Road, 1600
30333 Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Elisabeth McCloy

The Orchard Cottage - Friday Street,
RH5 5TE Dorking, Surrey
United Kingdom

Prof. dr. André Meheus
Department Epidemiology and Social Medicine
University of Antwerpen - Campus Drie Eiken

Universiteitsplein, 1
2610 Antwerpen

Prof. dr. Lars Rombo
Infectious Diseases

63 188 Eskilstuna

Dr. Françoise Roudot-Thoraval
Department of Hepatology
Hôpital Henri Mondor

Av. du Maréchal Delattre de Tassigny, 51
94010 Creteil

Dr. Colette Roure
Direction Générale de la Santé/SD7

avenue de Ségur, 8
75350 Paris SP 07

Dr. Craig Shapiro
Health and Human Services (HHS) Liaison
Avian Influenza Action Group

G Street, Room 2321A, 1800
20522-2202 Washington DC

Dr. Steven Wiersma
Resident Advisor
Tanzania Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Programme (TFELTP)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Tanzania

2448 Luthuli Road-NIMR Complex Tanzania
P.O. Box 9123 Dar es Salaam

Dr. Alessandro Zanetti

Professor emeritus of Hygiene

Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health

University of Milan

C. Pascal 38

20133 Milan


MSc. Tatjana Reic


Priv.-Doz. dr. med. habil. Johannes F. Hallauer †
Zentralinstitut für Krankenhaushygiene
Paracelsus-KIiniken Deutschland GmbH & Co.KGaA

Am Natruper Holz 69

49076 Osnabrück


Dr. Nedret Emiroglu
Deputy Director, Division of Communicable diseases, Health Security and Environment
World Health Organization - Regional Office for Europe

Scherfigsvej, 8
2100 Copenhagen



Dr. Liudmila Mosina

WHO Regional Office for Europe

Vaccine preventable Diseases and Immunization

WHO Regional Office for Europe

Marmorvej 51

2100 Copenhagen


Dr. Antons Mozalevskis

WHO Regional Office for Europe

Special Representative of the Regional Director on MDGs and Governance Executive Manager

Div of Communicable Diseases, Health Security and Environment World Health

WHO Regional Office for Europe

Marmorvej 51

2100 Copenhagen