The Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board comprises a number of advisers, honorary members, and an executive secretariat.

The VHPB Executive Secretariat is part of VAXINFECTIO, Centre for the Evaluation of Vaccination  of the University of Antwerp, Belgium. 

The advisory members, internationally recognised experts in the field of viral hepatitis, come from international organisations, academia, and/or national health authorities. The VHPB executive secretariat sets the strategy, defines the actions, and prepares the meetings of the VHPB, all of this in consultation with the VHPB advisory members. Advisory members are appointed for a period of three years, on a renewable basis.

The VHPB has at least two adviser meetings per year where the strategy is discussed and approved, meetings prepared and output evaluated. Please note that the sponsors are not invited and do not participate at these adviser meetings. Apart from these formal meeting there are numerous ad hoc interaction with the advisers.